SMART SPENDING: Teacher Discounts on Apparel

Dressing the part plays a significant role in the world of teaching. Not only does it set a positive example for your students, but it also upholds the standards of your role as an educator. Some school districts are strict with their dress code, while others are a little more relaxed. No matter where you teach, you should be able to look your best without emptying your wallet.

Being a teacher often grants you access to exclusive deals, both online and at physical stores. To take advantage of these savings, verification is typically required. This could be as simple as showing your school ID at a retail store or verifying your credentials online using platforms like or SheerID.

Below we’ve curated a list of discounts for teachers on apparel as well as some helpful tips to help you achieve a polished look without the premium price.

Educator Discounts at Apparel Retailers…


Save 30% on all Adidas purchases when you verify your eligibility status before checkout. Shop the brand’s teachers shoes collection for easy to wear styles to keep you comfortable throughout the school day.

How to redeem: You can shop online or find an Adidas store near you to take advantage of this promotional offer. Don’t forget to verify your eligibility with before checkout.

Good to know: Factory outlet stores offer a 20% off discount, as opposed to the 30% off coupon presented for in-store and online shopping at

Ann Taylor

Get 15% off full-price merchandise purchased in store with your valid school ID.

How to redeem: Visit the Loft Loves Teachers website to find a Loft location near you. Show the cashier your school ID during checkout to receive your 15% discount.

Good to know: This offer is only available in stores.


Bonobos offers college and K-12 teachers a 20% discount for up to five orders over the course of a year. Be sure to verify your eligibility status at

How to redeem: To claim this offer, shop at or in-store, and follow these steps before checkout to verify your status. You will immediately receive your code, valid for up to five purchases, once your status is confirmed.

Good to know: This discount cannot be combined with other offers or applied to previously purchased items. Purchases at Bonobos outlet stores are not eligible for this offer.


After checking your eligibility and verifying your teacher ID, you can receive 10% off your purchase on the Champion website.

How to redeem: Follow the steps to verify your status with, then shop and apply your discount code at checkout.

Good to know: There is a limit of one code per order and it can only be used once. The coupon cannot be used for taxes, shipping and handling, or other charges.

Eyemart Express

Unlock 20% off designer frames and prescription eyeglasses when you purchase in store.

How to redeem: Get your educator discount at Eyemart Express by showing your valid school ID badge at checkout.

Good to know: This discount only applies to optical eyewear and sunglasses. Immediate family members can take advantage of this offer too as long as you are present with your ID while making the purchase.

Fruit of the Loom

Enjoy 20% off all Fruit of the Loom purchases when you verify your eligibility status at checkout on

How to redeem: Shop and follow the steps at checkout to verify your status with You will immediately receive your offer once your status is confirmed.

Good to know: This discount may be greater during promotional timeframes. It can also be combined with other on-site offers that are not greater than 25% off.


Get 10% off your purchase for the whole family on the Hanes website when you verify and get your discount code online.

How to redeem: Shop and follow the steps to verify your status with to receive your coupon on your next order.

Good to know: This promo code is a single-use discount and cannot be used for taxes, shipping and handling, or other charges. Limit one code per order.

Tommy Hilfiger

Save 15% on your purchase at Tommy Hilfiger retail stores or on

How to redeem: Shop or use the brand’s store locator to find a store near you. Verify your status with to receive a discount code that you can enter at checkout.

Good to know: Each discount code may only be used once. Only one code may be provided per week on These offers are not redeemable for store credit and cannot be combined with other promotions or discounts.

Under Armour

Take 20% off all purchases by verifying your eligibility with You can use your exclusive discount every time you shop on, the Under Armour app, Under Armour Brand House. Receive a 10% discount at Under Armour outlet stores.

How to redeem: Shop online or find an Under Armour store near you. For online purchases, verify your teacher status with Once your credentials are verified, you will immediately receive your discount offer.

Good to know: This discount typically applies to full-priced merchandise and cannot be combined with other promotional codes or discount offers.

Shopping Secondhand and Consignment Stores

Have you considered the world of gently-used clothing? Not only can you discover unique and vintage pieces, but shopping second-hand also offers fantastic savings. Plus, you’re contributing to sustainable fashion. If you’re looking for thrift stores and consignment shops in your area, this national thrift store directory is a great place to start. It features more than 12,000 charity-driven thrift stores, so you can feel good knowing that your purchases will benefit a meaningful cause.

Online Shopping Hacks

Shopping and saving online is now easier than ever. Along with identity verification tools like, credit card offers, such as those from American Express and Chase, can also provide significant savings. And don’t forget about digital coupons! Websites like share active coupon codes that you can redeem at checkout. Additionally, browser tools like Rakuten and Honey, search the internet to find top deals, cash back opportunities, and discount codes, helping you get the most out of every dollar you spend.

Tips to Save Money on Apparel

While discounts and deals are fantastic, the art of saving starts with adopting smart spending habits. As teachers, we’re always on the lookout for ways to enrich our minds; why not apply the same principle to our wardrobes? Here are 5 tips to help you look your best, while ensuring your finances stay healthy.

  1. Organize clothing swaps with fellow teachers. Clothing swaps are a great way to refresh your wardrobe without spending a dime. Gather a group, set a date, and exchange pieces you’ve grown tired of. You might just find your next favorite outfit.
  2. Invest in timeless, versatile pieces. Think of your clothing as an investment. Rather than choosing trendy pieces that might go out of style in a season, invest in classic pieces. They can be mixed, matched, and worn again and again, offering better value for your money.
  3. Repair instead of replace. Embracing a little DIY spirit can go a long way. By mastering some basic sewing skills, you can easily mend small damages and extend the life of your favorite pieces. Not only is it good for your wallet, but it helps the planet too.
  4. Avoid impulse purchase with the 24-hour rule. Before splurging on a new fashion find, pause before you purchase. Giving yourself 24 hours before finalizing a purchase can help you determine whether this item is a “need” or “nice to have”. This is a great way to curb unnecessary spending.
  5. Consider DIY or upcycling for unique items. Transform your favorite fashion pieces into something fresh and unique. Upcycling not only gives a second life to your well-worn pieces but also lets you showcase your creativity.

The Bottomline

We know that it takes an incredible amount of resources to educate future generations. Over the last few years, more and more brands have made an effort to show their appreciation for teachers like you by introducing special promotions to help you shop and save.

By pairing those deals with the smart saving tips above, you can ease some of the financial burden. Verify your teacher status with or SheerID to participate in the savings, and show your students how you can tackle anything when you look and feel your best.

What Happens if You Don’t Pay Your Union Dues?

In recent years, the topic of union dues and the rights of workers has garnered attention, especially in the education sector. As you navigate your professional rights, it’s essential to understand the intricacies of union dues and their associated obligations.

Understanding Union Dues and Membership

When you start at a school, union representatives often provide forms, suggesting that signing is standard procedure. It’s essential to be aware and fully understand what you’re agreeing to. Many teachers don’t realize that they might be locked into specific “windows”, often limited to just a few days each year, when they can exit the union without penalty.

Patrick J. Wright, a legal expert on the subject, provides insight: “Most people sign up without really giving it any thought because they think they have to.” He further adds, “Most of the people signing them up are often in the school system, possibly union members themselves.”

If you decide that union membership is not right for you, there are alternatives to union representation you may want to consider.

What Happens If You Don’t Pay?

You cannot be fired solely for not paying union dues. However, there are exceptions if you have entered into a private membership agreement and fail to fulfill your obligations.

Jarrett Skorup, an observer of union trends, says, “While the direct threat of job loss isn’t prevalent, the intricacies of private agreements can catch educators off guard, leading to unforeseen legal complications.”

Historically, unions could ask the court to enforce termination clauses in contracts if dues weren’t paid. However, this changed with the landmark Janus decision, which declared these practices unconstitutional.

What Should You Do?

Stay Informed: As a teacher or any public school employee, ensure you know your rights. Make sure you understand the terms before signing any membership agreement.

Ask Questions: If you are currently a union member and wish to opt out, seek clarity on the paperwork and understand the “window” during which you can resign.

Connect with Others: Reach out to other teachers who have resigned their union membership to learn more about their experience. Have your own story to tell? Share it with us here.

The Bottom Line

While union membership may offer certain benefits, it’s crucial to understand the implications, especially when it comes to dues. You cannot be fired for not paying union dues. However, if you’ve signed a private membership agreement and then fail to pay, you could find yourself held civilly liable. If you need legal advice for your situation, let us know how we can help.