SMART SAVINGS Teacher Discounts on Travel

In the world of education, teachers tirelessly dedicate themselves to nurturing young minds. But taking time for yourself to relax and explore is just as important as your day-to-day responsibilities. However, the reality of a teacher’s budget often means that dreams of travel and adventure can seem just out of reach. Luckily, many travel and hospitality brands offer exclusive discounts for educators. With these special rates on hotels, resorts, and car rentals, the opportunity to rejuvenate, explore new cultures, and experience the wonders of the world becomes more accessible. Gaining access to these discounts is often as easy as showing your teacher ID when you check into a hotel, or verifying your status on platforms such as

In this guide, we’ll explore how you can take advantage of these deals as well as other ways you can save on your next vacation.

Educator Discounts on Travel and Lodging

Art Institute of Chicago

The Art Institute of Chicago provides Illinois teachers and homeschool parents with free access to the museum.

HOW TO REDEEM: Complete the Educator Admission Request form using your current school ID or Illinois Education Association card to receive your free entry voucher.

GOOD TO KNOW: This exclusive free admission is limited to Illinois educators and cannot be used for student tours or group tours.

Caesar’s Family of Casino Resorts

Caesar’s welcomes teachers and students with year-round discounts, offering up to 30% off on your hotel stay.

HOW TO REDEEM: You can verify your status through and book your stay via the Ceasar’s website to take advantage of this discount.

GOOD TO KNOW: The discount excludes Caesars Rewards loyalty member offers, room packages, and promotions that include room add-ons or inclusions, such as show tickets, food credits, or resort credits.


Teachers planning a trip to Disneyland in California can benefit from 2% cashback on their travel expenses.

HOW TO REDEEM: Verify your teaching status through to enjoy these savings on your vacation.

GOOD TO KNOW: The use of coupons or promotional codes not associated with may void the cashback offer. Additional restrictions may also apply.

Disney World

At the Walt Disney World Dolphin and Swan resorts in Florida, teachers are offered a 25% discount on their room rate at the time of booking.

HOW TO REDEEM: Book your stay at either the Dolphin or Swan resorts and present your teacher photo identification at check-in to redeem this offer.

GOOD TO KNOW: This discount is specifically for room rates at the Walt Disney World Dolphin and Swan Resort and is subject to availability.


Educators can take advantage of special hotel and vacation coupons on select Expedia purchases.

HOW TO REDEEM: Sign up and verify your status as an educator on the Expedia website to discover these exclusive offers.

GOOD TO KNOW: These deals are curated and can range in saving amounts. Deals change regularly so checking the discount page often is recommended.


Specializing in educational trips, Explorica offers teachers financial assistance, personal fundraising, and a variety of resources to make student trips enriching and accessible. With Explorica, planning an educational excursion is made easy and affordable.

HOW TO REDEEM: Visit to discover available tours and prices tailored for educational groups.

GOOD TO KNOW: Explorica offers monthly payment plans for trips with rates as low as $149 per month.


Hyatt offers a 15% discount to teachers at its more than 1,300 hotel properties nationwide.

HOW TO REDEEM: Use to verify your teaching status and receive this discount.

GOOD TO KNOW: A minimum stay of two nights is required to qualify for this offer.

Marriott Hotels

Marriott Hotels offers educators up to 25% off their stay at select locations.

HOW TO REDEEM: Book your stay and present your photo ID with proof of your teaching status on it at check-in to redeem this deal.

GOOD TO KNOW: This offer is available at select Marriott hotels only and certain restrictions may apply.

Local Activities and Attractions

You can unlock a world of exploration and enrichment in your own backyard by taking advantage of discounts at local museums, parks, theaters, and other attractions. Many cultural institutions and recreational venues show their appreciation for educators by offering special rates or free admission. Whether it’s a day of learning and inspiration at a museum, a relaxing afternoon at the park, or an evening enjoying a live performance—these local outings can provide you not only with a budget-friendly escape but also a rich source of personal and professional enrichment. To make the most of these opportunities, regularly check the websites of local attractions or sign up for newsletters, as many places periodically update their discount offers and special events for educators.

Group and Off-Peak Discounts

Traveling with fellow educators can have significant advantages as well. When you take group trips with other teachers, you can often benefit from group rates, which can be substantially lower than individual booking costs. These shared journeys also offer a unique platform for professional networking in an informal setting, adding more to your travel experience beyond just sightseeing.

Choosing to travel during shoulder seasons can be another way to find more affordable rates for flights, accommodations, and even attractions. Not only does this help stretch your travel budget further, but it can also mean less crowded destinations, allowing you a more relaxed and immersive experience. Whether it’s a summer break getaway or a winter retreat, strategically planning your travels can lead to both financial savings and a more enjoyable journey.

Tips to Save Money on Travel and Activities

Plan trips during school breaks for better deals

Traveling during school breaks can be a smart strategy for great savings. These periods often align with off-peak travel in many destinations, allowing you to snag better deals on flights, accommodations, and travel packages. Planning your vacation during these times also avoids the rush of peak tourist seasons, leading to a more relaxed and enjoyable trip.

Always ask about educator discounts

Never hesitate to ask about educator discounts wherever you go. Many places, including hotels, museums, rental services, and even some restaurants, offer discounts for teachers. Always carry your teacher ID with you and ask about potential savings – you might be surprised at how many places value and reward educators with special rates.

Explore local, lesser known attractions

Venturing to local, off-the-beaten-path attractions not only adds unique experiences to your travels but can also be more cost-effective. These hidden gems often have lower entrance fees compared to more popular tourist spots and can provide a more authentic glimpse into the local culture and environment.

Consider staycations or day trips

Staycations or day trips can be an excellent way to break your routine without the cost of extensive travel. Exploring local landmarks, parks, or new activities in your city can be refreshing and budget-friendly. Plus, it eliminates the need for pricey accommodations and long-distance travel costs.

Join travel deal newsletters 

Subscribing to travel deal newsletters from sites like Going and The Points Guy can keep you informed about the latest deals and travel tips. These resources are fantastic for staying updated on discounted travel opportunities, special promotions, and practical advice on making the most of your travel budget.

Enjoy your getaway

As a teacher, you truly deserve the chance to unwind and explore the world around you. By traveling in groups, during off-peak times, and using the variety of discounts available to you, you can turn your travel dreams into reality. Remember, these journeys are more than just breaks; they are opportunities for personal growth and rejuvenation, allowing you to return to your classroom refreshed and inspired. So, take advantage of them and embark on your next adventure with confidence!

Teachers Savings: Technology

Technology has transformed the way we teach, becoming as fundamental to the classroom as textbooks and blackboards used to be. Interactive software, digital whiteboards and online resources have become more than just a helpful tool, they’re necessary to create a dynamic learning environment that can cater to anything your students may need. But these tools often come with a hefty price tag and many educators have to buy these tools themselves. Bringing the best technology to your classroom should be about providing the best education to your students, not about draining your bank account.

There are many companies that offer teacher discounts and savings programs for their products and services. To register for these discounts and programs, you often just need to prove you are an educator. Many companies use platforms like and others simply have you sign up with your school issued email.

Below we’ve put together a list of teacher discounts on classroom technology from top tech companies as well as some other ways that you can save on technology for your classroom.

Educator Discounts from Tech Companies


Get 60% off the Adobe Creative Cloud All Apps plan as a student or teacher.

How to Redeem: Choose the student and teacher option at checkout to redeem your discount.

Good to Know: Your proof of eligibility must be a document issued by the institution you work for with your name, institution name, and current date on the document.


Save on an eligible Mac or iPad with Apple’s education discount.

How to Redeem: Visit the Apple Education Pricing page to view current discounts and instructions on how to verify your educator account.

Good to Know: Apple offers payment options, free shipping or pickup, and special discounts on various products.


Bose offers a special discount to teachers and educators on orders over $199.

How to Redeem: Verify your teacher status with to redeem your discounts online.

Good to Know: Some restrictions may apply and coupons or promotional codes not on may void cash back.


Canva allows both teachers and students to create personalized lesson plans, infographics, posters, videos, and more for free with its Education subscription.

How to Redeem: Sign up with your education email address and ID at

Good to Know: This offer remains 100% free for K-12 educators, their students, and qualified institutions.


Earn 10% off certain products as a member of the Dell Educator Marketplace.

How to Redeem: Join the Educator Marketplace on Dell’s website and verify your teaching status to redeem this discount.

Good to Know: Coupons for this company are valid with select offers but cannot be combined with other coupons.


Educators can explore technology training and resources for free with Google for Educators.

How to Redeem: Access free online training courses for basic and advanced skills across Google tools at Google for Educators.


Get up to 40% off your purchase by creating an account on HP’s website.

How to Redeem: Become a member on the HP website to gain access to special offers and exclusive discounts on HP’s highly-awarded products, supplies, and services.

Good to Know: Your teacher ID is not required to create an HP account.


Save up to 62% off as a teacher with Lenovo’s educational discounts.

How to Redeem: To redeem this discount verify your teacher status with on Lenovo’s discount page. 

Good to Know: If you qualify for the Lenovo discount on laptops, you are eligible for a 5 to 20 percent discount.


Earn from 5 to 10 percent off on select items from the Microsoft store.

How to Redeem: Enter your email address associated with your personal Microsoft account. If you’re eligible, you will be approved right away and you will automatically see the best discounts on eligible products.

Good to Know: Students and Teachers can get Microsoft Teams for free with a valid email address.


Teachers and administrators can enjoy up to 30% off with Samsung’s Education Offers Program. 

How to Redeem: To join this program, sign up with an eligible email address and complete the verification process on the Samsung website.

Good to Know: Benefits for this offer include instant trade-in credit when you upgrade your devices, 0% APR financing, free no-contact delivery, and easy returns.

Affordable Alternatives and Open Source Tools

A great way to stretch your budget is to look for products that are more cost-effective. This doesn’t mean settling for less; it’s about finding the best value for your money, balancing quality and affordability. Chromebooks, for example, are much more affordable than other laptops, and they come with all the necessary features for your classroom.

Using free open-source software is another great way to save money in the classroom.  Online graphic design software like Canva allows you to create and edit presentations, photos, videos, and much more for free. Google has many free applications too that you can use for general school work. For more advanced coursework, computer-aided design software like FreeCAD allows you to model 3-dimensional structures and designs. Using a free open-source design software is a great way to provide your class with diverse learning tools without breaking your budget.

Another advantage that technology gives to us is the ability to connect, and the online platform Teachers Pay Teachers takes full advantage of that. Teachers Pay Teachers is a unique marketplace where teachers can buy, sell, and share their original educational materials, from lesson plans and worksheets to interactive activities. This community-driven site not only empowers teachers to find creative and diverse resources tailored to their specific classroom needs, but it also allows them to earn income by sharing their original materials with other teachers who may need them.

Subscription Bundles and School Licenses

If you are wanting to integrate new technology into your classroom without the financial burden, tech grants and platforms like DonorsChoose can offer the support you need.

Numerous organizations and foundations provide tech grants specifically for educators. These grants can be a game-changer, offering the resources needed to get new hardware, software, or develop tech-based curriculum enhancements to enhance student learning.

Similarly, DonorsChoose is an impactful crowdfunding platform where teachers can share tech-specific classroom project needs and individuals and organizations can donate to projects they are passionate about. This platform empowers educators to bring their tech dreams to life, from getting the latest tablets for interactive learning to setting up a fully-equipped digital lab.

Tips to Save Money on Technology

While discounts and special offers are fantastic, the true art of saving begins with smart and strategic planning. Sometimes doing small things can get you some big savings. Here are 5 tips to help you incorporate technology in your classroom without straining your budget:

Regularly check for software updates

Regularly checking for software updates can save you from having to purchase new versions. Many times, updates are free and can significantly enhance functionality, keeping your existing software in line with current standards.

Utilize your cloud storage

Opt for cloud storage solutions like Google Drive or iCloud to minimize hardware costs. These services often offer free or low-cost plans and provide the flexibility of accessing your files from any device, reducing the need for expensive physical storage devices.

Attend tech expos or conferences for discounts

Attending tech expos or educational conferences can be a goldmine for discounts and freebies. These events often feature the latest in educational technology and companies are eager to offer special deals to educators.

Network with your fellow educators

Keep in touch with other teachers to stay informed about new deals and discounts. Teacher forums, online communities, and professional networks can be excellent resources for sharing and discovering cost-saving tips and strategies.

Consider trying pre-owned devices

Don’t overlook refurbished or certified pre-owned devices. These items often come at a significant discount compared to brand new products and usually include a warranty, making them a reliable and budget-friendly option for classroom technology.

The bottom line

Technology provides endless opportunities to teach your students in new and exciting ways, but too often access to new tech can be limited by your budget. Thankfully, many companies and organizations are stepping up to help provide this technology to students and teachers just like you. With these discounts, platforms, and other tools at your disposal, you can provide all that your class needs at an affordable price.

SMART SPENDING: More Teacher Discounts

Life as a teacher comes with an extensive list of responsibilities. Often, on top of your teaching duties, one of those responsibilities is for you to purchase your own classroom supplies. Having to stock your classroom with supplies can quickly turn your finances into a balancing act between personal and classroom needs. Supplies like pencils, folders and notebooks are the bare essentials for teaching and you shouldn’t have to break the bank to provide them for your students.

Many companies have programs for teachers to provide discounts on select items. Signing up for these programs is often as simple as presenting your valid teacher ID or verifying your credentials through a platform such as

We’ve made a list of discounts for teachers on classroom supplies from top retailers along with other ways to help you save money on your classroom expenses.

Educator Discounts at Classroom Supplies Retailers

BLICK Art Materials

Teachers, as well as students, can get a 10% discount on in-store purchases along with other benefits from the BLICK Preferred Customer program.

How to Redeem: To qualify, you must present both a valid Preferred Customer Card and a current school ID card in store.

Good to Know: This discount applies only to non-sale, in-stock items and cannot be applied towards catalog, internet, or special orders.

Joann Fabrics

Get 15% off classroom supplies when you enroll in Joann Fabrics’ Teacher Rewards Program.

How to Redeem: Shop in-store or online to redeem your discount. After registration, you will receive your JOANN Teacher Rewards digital discount card to use at checkout.

Good to Know: To enroll in this program you must fall under one of these three categories: be a certified, credentialed, or licensed teacher; a documented homeschool teacher; or have a current credential, license, or certification issued by your local, state, or federal government as a childcare provider.


Enjoy 15% off your purchase of classroom supplies, including sale items, when you sign up for the Michaels’ Teacher Discount Program. You can also connect this program to your Michaels Rewards account.

How to Redeem: For online and in-store purchases, provide your Michaels Rewards phone number at checkout. If you do not have a Michaels Rewards account, simply show your educator ID for in-store purchases.

Good to Know: This offer may not apply to certain items. This program will automatically sync to your Michaels Rewards account once you join.

NEA Magazine

National Education Association members can get discounts up to 85% off the cover price of select magazines.

How to Redeem: Create an account on the NEA Member Benefits website, then go to the NEA Magazine Service site to access this discount.

Office Depot

Get 10% off qualifying purchases, both regular and sale items.

How to Redeem: You can use the printable savings pass when shopping in person, or you can use your mobile device when shopping in-store and online.

Good to Know: You must present the coupon or savings pass during in-store checkout to receive the discount. offers a 10% discount on all purchases with their Educator Discount Program.

How to Redeem: Apply and enroll in the Educators Discount Program directly on

Good to Know: You must have a Pencils,com account in order to use the Educator discount program.


Get 5% back in Staples Rewards as well as 5% back in Classroom Rewards for when you sign up for the brand’s Classroom Rewards program.

How to Redeem: Download the Staples Connect app and present your in-app code at checkout.

Good to Know: You can view rewards you earned and those received from others on the Staples Connect app. Earned Classroom Rewards, which you can donate to another teacher or school, expire after 90 days of inactivity.


Enjoy discounts on qualified classroom supplies through the Target Circle Teacher Appreciation program.

How to Redeem: Join Target Circle for free by verifying your status with your school ID. Discounts are available for both in-store and online purchases.

Good to Know: Pricing, promotions, and availability may vary by location and on

The Container Store

Enjoy discounts from 15% to 25% when you join the brand’s Organized Insider Program.

How to Redeem: To start saving, enroll in the Insider Program and get $10 off your first order.

Good to Know: For in-store purchases, you may be asked to present your teacher ID. If you don’t have a school ID, you can provide a teaching certificate or other proof of your current teaching status.

Seasonal Sales and Buying in Bulk

Taking advantage of seasonal sales is a great way to stretch your classroom budget further. Back to school sales can offer great price points, and later on, stores often mark down items to clear out inventory. Both of these times present the perfect opportunity to snag your classroom supplies at a much lower price.

Buying supplies in bulk is another opportunity to save when stocking your classroom. Retailers often offer significant discounts on bulk purchases, and while the initial price might be higher, the per-item cost is drastically reduced. Plus, buying items in bulk ensures that you will have a steady stock of supplies throughout the school year, and perhaps for years to come.

Crowdfunding and Donation Platforms

In today’s digital age, there are more options to save money beyond just looking for discounts while shopping. Platforms like DonorsChoose and AdoptAClassroom have made it possible for educators to connect with donors who are willing to support their classroom needs. By creating a personalized campaign detailing the items you need, you can get both financial and material help from donors across the country who understand the importance of supporting educators. These platforms not only let you advertise your specific needs, they also allow donors to see exactly where their donation is going. In addition to classroom supplies, you can also raise money for field trips, technology, and even specialized training courses. We know asking for help is not always easy, but with platforms like these it’s one more way to alleviate the financial pressure you may face as a teacher.

Reusing and Recycling Materials

How you treat used classroom items can have a great impact on the amount you spend on new supplies. Often enough, items are thrown away before they are fully used. Notebooks with only a few pages left, pencils that have run out of lead, and old out of date textbooks all have opportunities to continue being used. Old notebooks can be kept for class scratch paper, buying refills of lead for pencils is much cheaper than buying new pencils, and old textbooks can be cut up for decoration or art projects. Make sure you get the full use out of all your classroom supplies and consider repurposing them once they are done.

Another way to extend the life of your unused supplies is to see whether one of your fellow teachers could put them to good use. What might be unwanted in one classroom could be treasure to another. Creating a sharing system such as a “sharing shelf” at your school provides an opportunity for you to find a new home for your old supplies. You may also find supplies from other teachers that you can use, too. This is a great way to keep your classroom stocked and get the full value out of any supplies you no longer use.

Tips to Save Money on Classroom Supplies

Trying to buy classroom supplies at a low cost can be challenging, but with a few smart strategies, you can make each shopping trip a little more budget-friendly. Here are some tips to keep your classrooms well-stocked without stressing your wallet:

Encourage students to donate unused items

Many students have extra supplies left over at the end of the school year. Asking students to donate these leftover items can help you get ahead of your needs for the upcoming year.

Collaborate with fellow teachers for bulk purchases

As we covered earlier, buying items in bulk is a great way to save money, but the initial cost may be too expensive for you on your own. Buying these items with other teachers can help both of you save money.

Use digital resources to minimize paper use

The digital age offers a wide variety of resources that can minimize your need for supplies such as paper and pencils. And not only is this option easier on your budget, it’s also eco-friendly.

Seek donations from local business

Local businesses often enjoy supporting educators in their area. Asking these businesses for donations could save you money as well as create a positive connection between your classroom and your community.

Organize a school supply drive

Getting your community involved can have many benefits. Organizing a supply drive encourages more people to donate items, which not only stocks your classroom with supplies but also strengthens the school and community bond.

The bottom line

In the ever-changing landscape of education, one constant remains: the need for resources. When creativity meets necessity, amazing things can happen. Whether it’s finding the best discount, rallying community support, or sharing with other teachers, there are endless ways to ensure your classroom has everything you need. By adopting smart spending strategies and fostering a spirit of community, you can provide everything your students need without worrying about the cost.