Union Resignation Letter

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Union Name:

To whom it may concern:

I am employed by _________________________________ and until now have been a member of the ___________________________________ (“Union”). With this letter I resign my membership in the Union and in all of its affiliates. In accordance with my rights under the Supreme Court’s decision in Janus v AFSCME, I decline to pay dues or fees to the Union or its affiliates. Please discontinue payroll withholding, deductions,
checkoffs or other forms of payment of dues or fees (“Dues Payments”) by me from the date of this letter and do not send or transmit any money belonging to me to any union. In addition, I require a refund of dues deducted from the date the Supreme Court decided the Janus Case, June 27, 2018. I reserve the right to rejoin the Union at a later time if I believe that membership is in the best interests of me, my family, and those in my work environment who rely on me.

If you refuse to comply with any request made in the first paragraph of this letter, please inform me of the reason for each such refusal and provide copies of documents on which such reasons are based. If you refuse for any reason to accept this resignation now but contend that my resignation would be effective at a later date, please hold this letter and implement it at the first opportunity when you contend it would be effective. I offer this latter alternative in mitigation only and not as a concession of any of my rights.

Please be aware that my right to terminate my membership in the Union and its affiliates, and to discontinue Dues Payments, is a constitutionally protected right under the Janus decision. If I am denied that right, I may take legal action to enforce my rights.


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