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Opt Out of Your Public Sector Union

A New York-specific opt out website has been set up at If you need more details or help with understanding your rights, we invite you to check out that site.

It’s your paycheck. Union membership is your choice. Government workers in the United States now have a voice and a choice whether or not to support or pay money to a union.

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Simply enter the information below and the form will automatically be filled in. When complete, the form will be saved as a PDF to print and send to your union and employer. If you want to fill out the information manually, or print several copies for family, friends and colleagues, you can print a blank opt out form here.

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Below is a letter you can use to try and resign your membership from your union and stop paying dues. We recommend you send a copy to your union (by certified mail), a copy to your district, and keep a copy for yourself. Some unions and states may attempt to restrict this right – if you have issues, email us at [email protected] or call us at 833-33MYPAY.

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Have you made the decision to leave your union? If you are willing to share your story, you can do so here

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The Basic Facts

The U.S. Supreme Court affirmed your right to opt out of your union and the mandatory payments, which means public employees can no longer be forced to financially support a union that they do not want to be a member of.

Get started above and learn about your rights under Janus, or check out our explainer video for more information on the issue. Get answers to frequently asked questions like, “Will I be fired?” and more on our FAQ page.