Classroom Management Strategies: Practical Advice for First-Time Teachers

Teaching is a noble profession that brings immense joy, but it is not without its daily challenges. Picture this: a classroom buzzing with students, each with their unique personalities, backgrounds and learning styles. Although it is a beautiful mosaic of diversity, it can also present a multitude of classroom management hurdles that can bring learning to an abrupt standstill.

The Cost of Teaching: Examining the Paychecks of America’s Educators

Monday morning, the alarm clock sounds… roll out of bed, start the coffee maker, gather your things. Are you ready for the morning? Are the lesson plans done? How are the kids going to show up today? The life of a teacher is one of adventure, but the uncertainty is often undermined by the demand. […]

Unpacking Top Issues for Teachers

Teachers are faced with one of the most difficult jobs in the country. Not only are they responsible for keeping children safe on a day-to-day basis, but they are the backbone of American literacy. When you consider the daily responsibilities teachers are tasked with followed by an ever changing curriculum, a 40-hour work week can […]