SMART SAVINGS Teacher Discounts on Travel

In the world of education, teachers tirelessly dedicate themselves to nurturing young minds. But taking time for yourself to relax and explore is just as important as your day-to-day responsibilities. However, the reality of a teacher’s budget often means that dreams of travel and adventure can seem just out of reach. Luckily, many travel and hospitality brands offer exclusive discounts for educators. With these special rates on hotels, resorts, and car rentals, the opportunity to rejuvenate, explore new cultures, and experience the wonders of the world becomes more accessible. Gaining access to these discounts is often as easy as showing your teacher ID when you check into a hotel, or verifying your status on platforms such as

In this guide, we’ll explore how you can take advantage of these deals as well as other ways you can save on your next vacation.

Educator Discounts on Travel and Lodging

Art Institute of Chicago

The Art Institute of Chicago provides Illinois teachers and homeschool parents with free access to the museum.

HOW TO REDEEM: Complete the Educator Admission Request form using your current school ID or Illinois Education Association card to receive your free entry voucher.

GOOD TO KNOW: This exclusive free admission is limited to Illinois educators and cannot be used for student tours or group tours.

Caesar’s Family of Casino Resorts

Caesar’s welcomes teachers and students with year-round discounts, offering up to 30% off on your hotel stay.

HOW TO REDEEM: You can verify your status through and book your stay via the Ceasar’s website to take advantage of this discount.

GOOD TO KNOW: The discount excludes Caesars Rewards loyalty member offers, room packages, and promotions that include room add-ons or inclusions, such as show tickets, food credits, or resort credits.


Teachers planning a trip to Disneyland in California can benefit from 2% cashback on their travel expenses.

HOW TO REDEEM: Verify your teaching status through to enjoy these savings on your vacation.

GOOD TO KNOW: The use of coupons or promotional codes not associated with may void the cashback offer. Additional restrictions may also apply.

Disney World

At the Walt Disney World Dolphin and Swan resorts in Florida, teachers are offered a 25% discount on their room rate at the time of booking.

HOW TO REDEEM: Book your stay at either the Dolphin or Swan resorts and present your teacher photo identification at check-in to redeem this offer.

GOOD TO KNOW: This discount is specifically for room rates at the Walt Disney World Dolphin and Swan Resort and is subject to availability.


Educators can take advantage of special hotel and vacation coupons on select Expedia purchases.

HOW TO REDEEM: Sign up and verify your status as an educator on the Expedia website to discover these exclusive offers.

GOOD TO KNOW: These deals are curated and can range in saving amounts. Deals change regularly so checking the discount page often is recommended.


Specializing in educational trips, Explorica offers teachers financial assistance, personal fundraising, and a variety of resources to make student trips enriching and accessible. With Explorica, planning an educational excursion is made easy and affordable.

HOW TO REDEEM: Visit to discover available tours and prices tailored for educational groups.

GOOD TO KNOW: Explorica offers monthly payment plans for trips with rates as low as $149 per month.


Hyatt offers a 15% discount to teachers at its more than 1,300 hotel properties nationwide.

HOW TO REDEEM: Use to verify your teaching status and receive this discount.

GOOD TO KNOW: A minimum stay of two nights is required to qualify for this offer.

Marriott Hotels

Marriott Hotels offers educators up to 25% off their stay at select locations.

HOW TO REDEEM: Book your stay and present your photo ID with proof of your teaching status on it at check-in to redeem this deal.

GOOD TO KNOW: This offer is available at select Marriott hotels only and certain restrictions may apply.

Local Activities and Attractions

You can unlock a world of exploration and enrichment in your own backyard by taking advantage of discounts at local museums, parks, theaters, and other attractions. Many cultural institutions and recreational venues show their appreciation for educators by offering special rates or free admission. Whether it’s a day of learning and inspiration at a museum, a relaxing afternoon at the park, or an evening enjoying a live performance—these local outings can provide you not only with a budget-friendly escape but also a rich source of personal and professional enrichment. To make the most of these opportunities, regularly check the websites of local attractions or sign up for newsletters, as many places periodically update their discount offers and special events for educators.

Group and Off-Peak Discounts

Traveling with fellow educators can have significant advantages as well. When you take group trips with other teachers, you can often benefit from group rates, which can be substantially lower than individual booking costs. These shared journeys also offer a unique platform for professional networking in an informal setting, adding more to your travel experience beyond just sightseeing.

Choosing to travel during shoulder seasons can be another way to find more affordable rates for flights, accommodations, and even attractions. Not only does this help stretch your travel budget further, but it can also mean less crowded destinations, allowing you a more relaxed and immersive experience. Whether it’s a summer break getaway or a winter retreat, strategically planning your travels can lead to both financial savings and a more enjoyable journey.

Tips to Save Money on Travel and Activities

Plan trips during school breaks for better deals

Traveling during school breaks can be a smart strategy for great savings. These periods often align with off-peak travel in many destinations, allowing you to snag better deals on flights, accommodations, and travel packages. Planning your vacation during these times also avoids the rush of peak tourist seasons, leading to a more relaxed and enjoyable trip.

Always ask about educator discounts

Never hesitate to ask about educator discounts wherever you go. Many places, including hotels, museums, rental services, and even some restaurants, offer discounts for teachers. Always carry your teacher ID with you and ask about potential savings – you might be surprised at how many places value and reward educators with special rates.

Explore local, lesser known attractions

Venturing to local, off-the-beaten-path attractions not only adds unique experiences to your travels but can also be more cost-effective. These hidden gems often have lower entrance fees compared to more popular tourist spots and can provide a more authentic glimpse into the local culture and environment.

Consider staycations or day trips

Staycations or day trips can be an excellent way to break your routine without the cost of extensive travel. Exploring local landmarks, parks, or new activities in your city can be refreshing and budget-friendly. Plus, it eliminates the need for pricey accommodations and long-distance travel costs.

Join travel deal newsletters 

Subscribing to travel deal newsletters from sites like Going and The Points Guy can keep you informed about the latest deals and travel tips. These resources are fantastic for staying updated on discounted travel opportunities, special promotions, and practical advice on making the most of your travel budget.

Enjoy your getaway

As a teacher, you truly deserve the chance to unwind and explore the world around you. By traveling in groups, during off-peak times, and using the variety of discounts available to you, you can turn your travel dreams into reality. Remember, these journeys are more than just breaks; they are opportunities for personal growth and rejuvenation, allowing you to return to your classroom refreshed and inspired. So, take advantage of them and embark on your next adventure with confidence!