Teachers Savings: Technology

Technology has transformed the way we teach, becoming as fundamental to the classroom as textbooks and blackboards used to be. Interactive software, digital whiteboards and online resources have become more than just a helpful tool, they’re necessary to create a dynamic learning environment that can cater to anything your students may need. But these tools often come with a hefty price tag and many educators have to buy these tools themselves. Bringing the best technology to your classroom should be about providing the best education to your students, not about draining your bank account.

There are many companies that offer teacher discounts and savings programs for their products and services. To register for these discounts and programs, you often just need to prove you are an educator. Many companies use platforms like ID.me and others simply have you sign up with your school issued email.

Below we’ve put together a list of teacher discounts on classroom technology from top tech companies as well as some other ways that you can save on technology for your classroom.

Educator Discounts from Tech Companies


Get 60% off the Adobe Creative Cloud All Apps plan as a student or teacher.

How to Redeem: Choose the student and teacher option at checkout to redeem your discount.

Good to Know: Your proof of eligibility must be a document issued by the institution you work for with your name, institution name, and current date on the document.


Save on an eligible Mac or iPad with Apple’s education discount.

How to Redeem: Visit the Apple Education Pricing page to view current discounts and instructions on how to verify your educator account.

Good to Know: Apple offers payment options, free shipping or pickup, and special discounts on various products.


Bose offers a special discount to teachers and educators on orders over $199.

How to Redeem: Verify your teacher status with ID.me to redeem your discounts online.

Good to Know: Some restrictions may apply and coupons or promotional codes not on ID.me may void cash back.


Canva allows both teachers and students to create personalized lesson plans, infographics, posters, videos, and more for free with its Education subscription.

How to Redeem: Sign up with your education email address and ID at Canva.com.

Good to Know: This offer remains 100% free for K-12 educators, their students, and qualified institutions.


Earn 10% off certain products as a member of the Dell Educator Marketplace.

How to Redeem: Join the Educator Marketplace on Dell’s website and verify your teaching status to redeem this discount.

Good to Know: Coupons for this company are valid with select offers but cannot be combined with other coupons.


Educators can explore technology training and resources for free with Google for Educators.

How to Redeem: Access free online training courses for basic and advanced skills across Google tools at Google for Educators.


Get up to 40% off your purchase by creating an account on HP’s website.

How to Redeem: Become a member on the HP website to gain access to special offers and exclusive discounts on HP’s highly-awarded products, supplies, and services.

Good to Know: Your teacher ID is not required to create an HP account.


Save up to 62% off as a teacher with Lenovo’s educational discounts.

How to Redeem: To redeem this discount verify your teacher status with ID.me on Lenovo’s discount page. 

Good to Know: If you qualify for the Lenovo discount on laptops, you are eligible for a 5 to 20 percent discount.


Earn from 5 to 10 percent off on select items from the Microsoft store.

How to Redeem: Enter your email address associated with your personal Microsoft account. If you’re eligible, you will be approved right away and you will automatically see the best discounts on eligible products.

Good to Know: Students and Teachers can get Microsoft Teams for free with a valid email address.


Teachers and administrators can enjoy up to 30% off with Samsung’s Education Offers Program. 

How to Redeem: To join this program, sign up with an eligible email address and complete the ID.me verification process on the Samsung website.

Good to Know: Benefits for this offer include instant trade-in credit when you upgrade your devices, 0% APR financing, free no-contact delivery, and easy returns.

Affordable Alternatives and Open Source Tools

A great way to stretch your budget is to look for products that are more cost-effective. This doesn’t mean settling for less; it’s about finding the best value for your money, balancing quality and affordability. Chromebooks, for example, are much more affordable than other laptops, and they come with all the necessary features for your classroom.

Using free open-source software is another great way to save money in the classroom.  Online graphic design software like Canva allows you to create and edit presentations, photos, videos, and much more for free. Google has many free applications too that you can use for general school work. For more advanced coursework, computer-aided design software like FreeCAD allows you to model 3-dimensional structures and designs. Using a free open-source design software is a great way to provide your class with diverse learning tools without breaking your budget.

Another advantage that technology gives to us is the ability to connect, and the online platform Teachers Pay Teachers takes full advantage of that. Teachers Pay Teachers is a unique marketplace where teachers can buy, sell, and share their original educational materials, from lesson plans and worksheets to interactive activities. This community-driven site not only empowers teachers to find creative and diverse resources tailored to their specific classroom needs, but it also allows them to earn income by sharing their original materials with other teachers who may need them.

Subscription Bundles and School Licenses

If you are wanting to integrate new technology into your classroom without the financial burden, tech grants and platforms like DonorsChoose can offer the support you need.

Numerous organizations and foundations provide tech grants specifically for educators. These grants can be a game-changer, offering the resources needed to get new hardware, software, or develop tech-based curriculum enhancements to enhance student learning.

Similarly, DonorsChoose is an impactful crowdfunding platform where teachers can share tech-specific classroom project needs and individuals and organizations can donate to projects they are passionate about. This platform empowers educators to bring their tech dreams to life, from getting the latest tablets for interactive learning to setting up a fully-equipped digital lab.

Tips to Save Money on Technology

While discounts and special offers are fantastic, the true art of saving begins with smart and strategic planning. Sometimes doing small things can get you some big savings. Here are 5 tips to help you incorporate technology in your classroom without straining your budget:

Regularly check for software updates

Regularly checking for software updates can save you from having to purchase new versions. Many times, updates are free and can significantly enhance functionality, keeping your existing software in line with current standards.

Utilize your cloud storage

Opt for cloud storage solutions like Google Drive or iCloud to minimize hardware costs. These services often offer free or low-cost plans and provide the flexibility of accessing your files from any device, reducing the need for expensive physical storage devices.

Attend tech expos or conferences for discounts

Attending tech expos or educational conferences can be a goldmine for discounts and freebies. These events often feature the latest in educational technology and companies are eager to offer special deals to educators.

Network with your fellow educators

Keep in touch with other teachers to stay informed about new deals and discounts. Teacher forums, online communities, and professional networks can be excellent resources for sharing and discovering cost-saving tips and strategies.

Consider trying pre-owned devices

Don’t overlook refurbished or certified pre-owned devices. These items often come at a significant discount compared to brand new products and usually include a warranty, making them a reliable and budget-friendly option for classroom technology.

The bottom line

Technology provides endless opportunities to teach your students in new and exciting ways, but too often access to new tech can be limited by your budget. Thankfully, many companies and organizations are stepping up to help provide this technology to students and teachers just like you. With these discounts, platforms, and other tools at your disposal, you can provide all that your class needs at an affordable price.